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Phew! It’s been a hectic start of the project due to the relocation combined with the amount of events San Francisco has to offer. We spent a few days finding a place to live before hooking up with Felix Petersen and Stefan Kellner from Plazes (both here for the Where2.0 conference). The four of us went of on an excruciating but ah, sublimely beautiful three-day hike in Yosemite park (highly recommended!).

Felix introduced us to Chris Messina and Tara Hunt from Citizen Agency, Pinko marketing & Spread Firefox which turned out to be the same people behind the San Francisco Coworking initiative that we’d been checking out as a potential temporary shared office space. We still haven’t checked it out but according to Chris & Tara it’s a really nice, though still slightly rough, creative space in the start-up. Conveniently located a few blocks from our house it does sound pretty perfect.

Eric at Supernova 2006Chris & Tara were also the arrangers of both the MashPit and BarCamp SF unconferences that we attended during the following week. Mashpit gave us the opportunity to meet up with the legendary box-model hack author Tantek Celik that also, according to Felix, is the single most active Plazes tagger on the planet… It’s pretty easy to imagine Tantek wardriving all over San Francisco tagging up every open WiFi he can find! By the way, thanks to Kevin Werbach for hosting MashPit, unfortunately his own Supernova conference was pretty much a disappointment. The whole Supernova event felt stiff and the fact that there was only one track of talks inevitably made it tough to stay interested. We had been looking forward to the panel discussion by Seth Goldstein (Root Markets), John McCrea (Plaxo) and Kyle Brinkman (MySpace) but in all honesty it didn’t amount to much at all. Seth Goldstein was pushing the ideas that are highly interesting but didn’t seem to connect to John or Kyle – who on the other hand seemed completely out and disconnected all together.

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