Bye, Bye and Thanks, Thanks!

posted by alex and eric

We’re currently at 30000 feet above the Atlantic on our way back to Stockholm (Thanks, Lufthansa!). It’s been a fantastic stay in San Francisco and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone we’ve talked to. We also want thank all of you who have been so incredibly helpful during our stay.

So, big thanks to Adam Greenfield, Adam Wern, Alf Rehn, Ali Momeni, Andrea Saveri (Institute for the Future), Artur Bergman (LiveJournal), Auren Hoffman (RapLeaf), Ben Metcalfe, Bill Washburn (Opinity), BJ Fogg (Stanford), Caterina Fake (Yahoo!), Cathy Bishop (Google), Chris Messina (Citizen Agency), Chris Plasser (Yahoo!), Christian Åkerhielm (Jung Relations), Chris Allen, Claus Dahl (Imity), Danah Boyd, David Danielson (Stanford), Ed Batista (AttentionTrust), Emil Sjöblom, Erik Arvidsson (Google), Eugene Whang (Apple), Felix Petersen (Plazes), Gary Butcher (Apple), Glen Murphy (Google), Howard Rheingold, Jari Koister (TN20), Joachim Stein, Johan Jörgensen, Johannes Fricke, Jordan Sissel (Google), Justin Montag (Apple), Jyri Engeström (Jaiku), Magnus Petersson, Marc Dangeard, Matt Biddulph, Michael Goldhaber, Mika Raento (Jaiku), Mike Love (Institute for the Future), Mike Micucci (TN20), Niels M.L. Pedersen, Nikolaj Nyholm (Imity), Noah Brier, Owen Thomas (Business 2.0), PJ Gupta, Sean Bonner (Metroblogging), Simon Goldin, Sjors Timmer, Stefan Kellner (Plazes), Steven Leckart (Wired), Tantek Çelik (Technorati), Tara Hunt (Citizen Agency), Ted Cho (Opinity), Ted Valentin, Thomas Hillard (EekaWeeka), Tom Conrad (Pandora), Tom Maddox (Opinity), Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Yvonne French (Yahoo!).

There are still people we hope to talk to (over Skype). Jessica Hardwick (Swapthing), Michael Sippey (Vox), Ross Mayfield (Socialtext) and Stephanie Hendrick, to name just a few. Do you know more people in the trustspace? Add them to the wiki!

Over and out from Alex and Eric.

September 3rd, 2006

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