Trustmojo is launched!

posted by alex and eric

This site is now in action, ready get filled with lots of discussions and reflections! We’re all loaded up with feeds, tags, geoplazers, (thanks Plazes!) and a brand new camera (with WiFi!).

The main part of the site is obviously this stuff right here – i.e. the blog – but we’ve also put up a wiki to keep together all the “work in progress”. It’s still a bit messy but feel free to jump right in and start contributing!

We’re always hungry for feedback and ideas on trust. If you know good books, relevant papers, people, events or places we should visit – please do drop us a line. We hope that our thesis papers can indeed become “places where people hang out“, so don’t hesitate to contribute.

Here in sunny/foggy San Francisco (it’s quite a schizophrenic climate here, isn’t it?) there seems to be a constant stream of nice stuff going on, and we’re really looking forward to dive right in. Anyway, trustmojo is online and we have a two intensive months coming up!

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