Architectures For Trust Talk

posted by eric

We’re back from Pixelache and a good talk on trust and architectures for participation. We want to thank the organizers and the participants for all the interesting discussions and the valuable feedback we got during the festival. We’ve already got lots of good ideas for how to develop the talk further. In two weeks we will be opening the Hej! Conference in Stockholm with an updated talk.
Below you will find the Pixelache slides.

April 5th, 2007

Trustmojo Talk at Pixelache Next Week

posted by eric

We’re doing a talk on trust at Pixelache Festival 2007 in Helsinki the 29th of March. More talks are in the pipeline and our little book on trust is coming along nicely. From the talk description:

Trust has long been essential to all collaboration, commerce and the forming of community and society in the offline world. Trustmojo is a research project exploring the nature of interpersonal trust in the increasingly prominent world of web-mediated social spaces. The starting point of the project is a study on four california-based Web 2.0 services in which trust takes on vital roles. The study serves as the basis for an analysis that borrows theories from offline sociology in order to better understand how trust forms and transforms online. In this presentation some exciting findings will be exposed and discussed.

March 21st, 2007